Tuesday, April 7, 2009

She's Back ...

"She's Back" by David Laub © 2007-2009

Is that cool or what? The only thing more cool to me right now besides the fact that this wonderful image was created by my good friend, the artist David Laub, is that it also won the Silver Award in the "Unpublished" category of the Spectrum 16 Awards! Dave's work has always inspired me -- he is truly one of the most gifted artists I have had the pleasure of working with.

"King Slug" by David Laub © 1988-1993

This is an original that Dave gave me back in the early 90's that I've always really responded to -- it has such a haunting menace about it. I was writing a script at the time and this particular image really helped me define the aesthetic of my villain. (I'm sure Dave won't be too wild about me showing such an early piece in public, but hey! I'm the owner ... I can do what I want, right?)